About Us

...or who we are and what we strive for ...

Founded in 2003 by Thomas Beck, Plasmasolutions unites precise visual communication, passionate software development, energetic teaching and top-notch learning materials in an unique and innovative way. With clients in more than 15 cities and 4 countries worldwide, our global success is based on our constant desire to deliver outstanding work for a competitive price.
We are digitally natives, tech lovers and tinkerers in this pulsating world and create extraordinary works in the digital realm for you. Be it advertising, virtual product presentations or software products tailored to your needs – we won’t deliver digital mass-produced goods to you.
Similarly, we are super happy to pass on all our skills and experience in training courses and seminars, so you can learn to improve in every possible way – simply follow our training schedule or send us requests for in-house courses.
Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional work at a price that does not exceed your budget and leaves us enough leeway to implement your ideas and wishes creatively, innovatively and professionally.

Our Skillset

2D & 3D Design

3D Design Motion Design, Animations, Previsualizations, Virtual Effects (VFX) with Blender, Gimp, Inkscape & Gravit Designer – Grading with DaVinci Resolve

Mobile & Desktop Development

Mobile & desktop development with C / C++ / C# / Java / Python – incl. Blender core, Blender Add-On and Android development (both NDK and SDK)


Developing Int(ra)(er)net Solutions with CSS3 / HTML5 / JS / PHP (incl. various frameworks) – we’re your partner when you’d like to develop sophisticated solutions with next-gen technologies for your mobile business.

On-Site Training

We offer best-in-class on site training for your aspiring, advanced or pro artists. With Blender 3D, we teach an amazing industry proven tool that fulfills each of your content creation, compositing and VFX needs.

Database Development

We create your backend solution with scalable infrastructures and modrn tech that fits your use cases-  may it Oracle / MySql / NoSql / CouchDB or others.

Happy Clients

100 % amazed and amazing clients – we love working with our clients as much as the projects that originate from this relationship.

Our Statistics

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